Trinity Sky Esola is a young artist living in Santa Cruz, California who is interested in how our environment, especially the physical objects we surround ourselves with, can affect and inform our emotions and actions. 

She investigates this through creating functional art objects, and observing the various interactions that take place: between the maker and the process, and the viewer and the finished piece. She is fascinated by the intersection of the conceptual and physical, the meditation inducing qualities of labor, and the metaphors prevalent in modes of craft. She is interested in creating and experiencing art that is used, and shows signs of wear because of its intimate and ephemeral nature. 

Across mediums, Trinity's work explores themes of identity in the natural world, ideas of space and time, and the never-ending questions that tug at our consciousness. 



Georgiana Bruce Kirby Preparatory School: Arts Intensive Path including Book Arts, Weaving, Ceramics, Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking

California State Summer School of the Arts: Ceramics and Printmaking

Santa Cruz Art League: Botanical Illustration


Work Experience

Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History: Community Programs Intern

Studio Assistant for Local Artists Peter and Donna Thomas



"POWER" monoprint published in the inaugural issue of Susie Magazine

Photos and Interview featured in article on West Coast Craft INTRO in the April 2017 issue of San Francisco Magazine

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