Global Farmhand

In the summer of 2017, Trinity took a backpacking trip through a Sweden, Italy, Spain, France, and Switzerland, and had the opportunity to work on small farms in exchange for room and board through the global program HelpEx. Trinity has always had an interest in back-to-the-land lifestyles. She was raised attending local grange meetings and heirloom apple tastings. Her mother instilled in her a love of gardening and keeping chickens. In recent years her academic pursuits have involved learning about regenerative agriculture and sustainable food systems. She looks forward to days when she can attend her local farmer's markets and chat with her favorite farmers, and her bookshelves are teeming with the likes of Joel Salatin, Wendell Berry, Temple Grandin, and Aldo Leopold. Staying on a remote farm in the Pyrenees mountains for three weeks, and witnessing her friends', former WWOOFers, beautiful sheep herd in southern Sweden were some of the most eye-opening moments of Trinity's life, and whetted her appetite for learning all the different ways there are to live well in this world, from those who are living them. 


 Many of the hours spent in the Pyrenees Mountains of Northern Spain involved weeding, watering, and otherwise tending the productive backyard vegetable patch. Above, onions peak out from the rocky soil, ready for market.


The house on this property is incredibly old and it's structure is made entirely from stone, with a large chamber below where the sheep are housed in the winter, as they have been since the structure was built. This area was more populated hundreds of years ago than it is now, and a simple walk through the woods leads to various sites where old churches and houses lay in ruins, for the passing visitor to explore to their liking.


Amanda and Oscar, both in their early twenties, spent a significant amount of time traveling the world and working on organic farms before returning to their country of residence, Sweden, and starting a sheep operation at Oscar's childhood home. They raise a special heirloom variety of sheep for their stunning shiny, curly, gray hides.